Beauty and the Beast with a TWIST?

This is funny, beauty and the beast will have a twist. Beauty is now the guy and the beast is now Bella. But is she really a beast of just a victim of wrong cosmetic surgery? Beauty enhancements or too much going under the knife?

Snow White and her dwarf but look who's under her bed?

Snow White and her dwarf but look who's under her bed?

Snow White after Summer

She forgot the sunblock? Snow White enjoyed using the tanning lotion, now, she looks like this. What remained a snow white is only her collar. hahaha! She needs a good dermatologist to help her with beauty regimen to bring her back to her old skin tone.

Snow White is now a Dog?

The wicked witch cursed snow white and now she became a DOG! Voila!!!! She needs a prince to kiss her to be back in her old self.

Sexy Snow White

Snow White knows how to make use of her body. She can seduce even the bird. She thinks it's the Prince? Hahaha. Nice Stocking.

Snow White after the Marrying the Prince

Snow White is soon to have seven, not dwarfs but 7 kids. hahaha! Funny. They need to have a good family planning, plus health insurance plus a good job for the Prince to keep her family happy.

Sleeping Beauty got a bad joke from friends

While she was asleep, this is what happened.... wake up sleeping beauty, someone made fun of your face... hahaha! I can't wait to see her reaction when she wakes up.

Sleeping Beauty Needs a good weight lost program

If you become a sleeping beauty, then you need to have a good weight loss program to maintain your figure. The tendency is, you lack physical activities to keep you fit. Hahaha. funny, she is really a sleeping beauty (opps) giant i may say... hahaha

The Prince is still waiting for Sleeping Beauty

This is what happened when the kiss didn't wake her up. So, the Prince is still waiting for Sleeping Beauty to wake up. I guess, Sleeping beauty took a lot of sleeping pills hahaha Overdosed? She needs to have health insurance. hahaha. funny.

She is Cinderello

Cinderella where are you going? It's almost midnight... Don't bring that big bottle of coconut wine. You look drunk already. hahaha! Cinderello must behave....

Red Riding Hood Went Wild

Red Riding Hood met her match. Look, they're not best buddies. To deliver the wine to her grandma's hut?

Red Riding Hood just got back from McDo

Red Riding hood got tired of baking cookies. So, she's now fond of eating fast foods. She just got back from Mc Donald's Store with all those biggie sized soda. Hahaha! She doesn't have to think of another cookie, many choices around.

Wake up Rapunzel

I can't imagine sleeping beside Rapunzel. You'll wake up every day wrapped in a thick hair. Need not to have a blanket. Hahaha!

Rapunzel's useful hair

So this is what happened to Rapunzel, teaching junior high school.

Rapunzel's Funny Hair

Another version of Rapunzel's funny hair story. What if??? Could it be like this? Hahaha! So, guys, climb now... Rapunzel is waiting...

Rapunzel in the 40's

Before she was put inside the tower, this was Rapunzel. hmm... You think?

Rapunzel's New Hair Style

This is the latest trend for rapunzel's hair... it got so curly that it became short but if you pull it again, it will become longer. hahaha! new hair for Rapunzel.

Rapunzel has a cancer

What if??? Rapunzel got sick of cancer and she went on medical procedures that made her hair be like this....

Rapunzel's Hair - the truth

So, this is what really happened? hahaha!

Rapunzel's Tower - She's Boredra

Can you imagine Rapunzel in her tower? This is what she does when she's bored, curled her hair and put on all her beds to see people outside the tower with the help of her ladder. Hahaha!

Little Mermaid's got a gift

Somebody gave Ariel (Little mermaid) a gift. sun block lotion to protect her from too much sun.. What SPF do you think she needs?

Little Mermaid's Daughter

Meet Little Mermaid's Little Daughter. So you have a better idea now of the Human form Little Mermaid. Meet Little Mermaid's grand daughter before cosmetic surgery. Her sugeon is presenting her to the public in this funny photo.

Snow White's Great Grand Daughter

Snow white's fashion has changed. She used to wear long dresses not it is too short. This is the truth on fairy tales, it evolved and fashion also changes.

The truth about Little Mermaid

So, where is Ariel, the Little Mermaid now? This is her latest photo. Guess what happened? She became so fat that she used a weight loss program and a good cosmetic surgeon, but after so much liposuction, her whole body got sucked... and she became this. Funny!

Snow White got Arrested

Snow White thought people will still recognize her, but she gained weight so she becomes bogus because the lady cop didn't know if it's really her or not. I guess, she needs a good weight loss programs plus cosmetic surgery to bring her looks that we once admired. Not "THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER"

First Daughter of Beauty and the Beast

Meet this young girl, the daughter of Bella (Beauty) and the beast. This is very evident, she got her face from her Mom (Beauty) and her body from his Dad (The Beast). Perfect partners in life. Making their kids suffer the consequences. Hahaha! But still, she's beauty or she needs a cosmetic surgeon to help her be like her mom?

Cinderella spending hours in this bar

Cinderella can't go home til it hits 12 midnight. so she stays in this bar every night for the rest of her life. A funny story ending of fairy tales.

Cinderella Forced to fit the SHOES

So, don't pretend to be Cinderella if the shoes don't fit. See this pic and discover what happened to Cinderella after she forced to fit the shoes. What's after? She need beauty enhancements for her heels and for legs. Cosmetic Surgery will work on this?

Bella of Beauty and the Beast

There was no guarantee that Bella will stay as beautiful as she was forever. So, she decided to embrace change.... what's the trend? Cosmetic Surgery. Now, she can still bring back the beauty that she was using beauty enhancement. I guess, she can be a good resource person for cosmetic surgery. Funny! Stay as beauty as you can be...The Beast (best) is yet to come... hehehe

Beauty in the hands of the Beast

Finally, Beauty decided to do it with the Beast... You think she's happy? Beauty in the hands of the beast. funny?

You like Bananas?

If you like bananas, think again... you think you want it this big? You must have an insurance first to go with the banana. This is funny, even strawberry got scared of banana.

Little Mermaid becomes Bronze

If Little Mermaid could talk she'll be very upseat to see her skin turned super dark. She should be in the water to be able to swim and to stay wet and white. Since she turned into bronze, she's now enjoying a year round sun bathing without the necessary protection like sun-block for her skin and without health insurance to cover whatever illness she'll get soon. Sad and funny. WHAT IF SHE CAN REALLY TALK? What do you think?